Send us a Postcard


Bandit Comeau, a much loved Keeshond, used to send a postcard regularly to update us on his activities, holidays and friends as well as his epilepsy.  We loved receiving them and have sorely missed them since his passing.

Why not send us a postcard?  It can be any postcard, real, virtual or sent on the back of a photo, something to let us know how you are getting on.  It is easy to lose track of how things are progressing otherwise.  Where possible we will include your postcards in our newsletter BRAINWAVE.



A Typical Postcard From Bandit

     Hi, how are you?  I hope things are going well in England this winter! We have had quite a bit of snow this year.  I have had such fun making snow puppies (the dog version of snow angels).  I sure scared my mom the first time she saw me doing that years ago.  First I bury my head in the snow and then I twist over and rub my back into the snow.  Mom thought I was having a seizure when she looked out and saw my legs flailing in the air.  I think she even came running out to me in her nightgown!

     Here is a picture of me on New Year’s Eve.  Mom and Dad stayed up WAY past my bedtime and then they had to make the bed.  Well, I was just too tired to wait for them to finish, so I fell asleep on the bed and mom ended up putting the blanket and quilt right over me.  Elkhounds like the cold and don’t ever like blankets over them, but I was too tired to complain this time.  Eventually it did get too hot and I made my usual move to the cool bathroom floor.  We have to keep the house warm during the winter to keep Kandyland the greyhound comfortable.  She is turning 14 on Feb 28th and is getting really spoiled – mom gives her whatever she wants ‘cause she’s so old.

      Well, I’d better go patrol the backyard and look for incoming flying squirrels.  I’ll send you a picture of one – they look like chipmunks, only come out at night and fly from tree to tree.  OK they don’t really fly but they jump and glide around.  They only come to my yard in the winter. 

Take care –